Secret Cove Civic Association

Contact the Board about neighborhood topics
  • The SCCA Board meets the second week of each month.
  • Residents are welcome to attend. Just send us a note to get
    the address and meeting times.
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Secret Cove Civic Association
SCCA 2020  Board Members
  • Brian Corrigan, President          
  • John Amico, Vice President
  • Earle Burris, Treasurer                
  • Scott Thompson Secretary
  • Minnie Consentino                   
  • Jeff Lott
  • Tony Land                                       
  • Aaron Brown
  • Bob Soos
Call 904-630-2489 to Report All City of Jacksonville Problems
(Street Repair, Storm Drains, City Trees & Landscaping Issues)
Call 904-665-6000 to Report ALL JEA Problems
(Drinking Water, Waste Water, Electricity, Street Lights)